Non-Food Compounds Registration

2Probity Registration AB is a Sweden-based independent third-party organisation that provides product registration for non-food compounds like H1 for lubricants. The industry term non-food compound describe lubricants and other chemicals, used in food, feed, potable water, beverages, tobacco, pharmaceuticals and similar applications. We also offer Halal and Kosher approvals and verifications according to ISO 21469.

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With our secure login via MFA (multi factor authentication) and internal procedures for all data, personal, company or compound ingredients are safely and correctly handled. The regulations for data protection and personal data is a baseline for us. Our website, database, login mechanism and security are in the EU and in accordance with all relevant regulations such as GDPR. We also verify the login and users at least once a year to ensure the correct login for your company. The access to all data and information is competence governed.


The registration is simple and easy to use, but also designed to ensure that the application is filled in correctly. After the applications are sent in you will get confirmations from us when we have received them and feedback within a week. After the control and assessment process is complete, the certificate for the compound will be forwarded to you and listed on our website, if desired. In your company area you have full access to all product marks and certificates for easy application on labels, websites and other documents.


Our assessments and verifications are according to the USDA guidelines and FDA regulations in 21 CFR. Our assessors and experts are highly competent to verify the ingredients according to the requirements. Impartiality and independence are the basic values for all of our assessors as well as for the whole company.  When required we have full access to toxicologist and laboratories for assessments of components not included in 21 CFR. All according to our principles at 2Probity Registration AB.

About the service

2Probity Registration AB provides product registration for non-food compounds according to the USDA guidelines and FDA regulations in 21 CFR. The risk of non-food compounds to have incidental contact with food must be controlled as part of the facilities’ overall HACCP. The use of registered non-food compounds is prerequisited.

Our list of certified products is avaialble for anyone to search.  Both producing companies and users can in an easy and simple way ensure that the selected products are registered and fulfill the requirements. For more information about our registration process, please see instruction films below.

Linked to ensuring safe food production and minimizing any risks we also offer verification according to ISO 21469 standard which focuses on Safety of machinery and lubricants with incidential product contact. Through cooperation wirh EC Halal Certification we can also offer Halal and Kosher approvals for your products. As a client with us we can ensure that the process will be simple, professional and secure.



Probity means “The quality of having strong moral principles; honesty and decency.” Which is exactly how we operate. Our company is European-based, independent, our assessors are impartial and experienced to ensure that together we can achieve a healthy and safe food industry for our clients and the customers that use the approved products. We see these registrations as parts of our common contribution towards a more sustainable development and safe food.

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