We understand that products’ names or percentage of the chemicals in the mixture can change. For this reason, we decided to redesign our system to allow our customers to do that directly from our webpage. This decision came after we received some feeback from customers wishing to have this functionality. Now after some work the update is ready!

Now our customer can change:

  • name of products, and;
  • quantity of the chemicals in the mixtures.

After the changes are made and request approval button is pressed again, we will check if the information is consistent and the product is still compliant.

The system also includes a version history, so the customer can check which changes were made before.

Lastly, it is imporant to notice that adding or excluding a chemical from the mixture is not allowed in the update. Changing the composition classifies a new product and must be registered as so.

We hope you enjoy the update and are always open for feedback to improve your experience with us.