Logo and Certificate Usage Guidelines


We trust our customer will use the 2Probity logo, trademark and product certificate mark in a correct way.

When using the 2Probity product certificate mark make sure that:

  • the certificate number is clearly visible
  • that our website 2probity.eu is clearly visible
  • that the product certificate mark is not changed in any way

We can approve different layouts, depending on specific needs, but it is our client’s responsibility to ensure that the 2Probity logo, trademark and product certificate mark is used in a correct way and that it is not used in a way that may mislead anyone of what it stands for. If there are any uncertainties contact 2Probity Registration.

2Probity Registration reserves the right to withdraw a certificate immediately if it is misused or if the client fails follow our guidelines. If needed legal action will be taken. In these cases no reimbursement of any fees will be done.

​You will find your unique product certification marks on the product registration page. There you have three different logo styles in two formats – .png (pixel) and .svg (vector). You will also find the certificate PDF here.



Use the logo to communicate that you have a valid registration of your product. It is not mandatory to have the registration on the product, but it is a sign of quality.


Don’t crop the logo or mark, don’t rotate it or skew it, don’t partially cover it or transform it in any way.